Wednesday, October 28, 2015

LDS Blog Train: "I know the Scriptures are True!" November 2015

An illustration of a young boy sitting in a large armchair, reading his scriptures, with his sister peeking from behind the chair and his cat looking up at him.
As I was looking at the darling coloring page above, it made me think of my second daughter. I homeschooled our children when they were young. When it was time to teach the first daughter to read we had a lot of fun. However, when it was time to teach my second child the experience was not repeated. She struggled...and struggled...and struggled. I soon realized she had what we called a Learning Glitch. While she could race circles around her sibling in math she wasn't going anywhere soon with her reading. I pushed, struggled, and comforted as we kept trying. I studied everything I could get a hold of on phonics and teaching children to read.

There came a time when I couldn't homeschool anymore. We located a school we approved of and enrolled our children there. I was worried about the poor reading skills of my second born, but I knew the school would have more experience than I did in such matters.  Before school that summer we stopped reading from the Book of Mormon readers for our family scripture study and started reading the actual Book of Mormon.  Our daughter stumbled over the words on that first day, but we soon saw a miracle.

With only days before school started my daughter was reading at the same level as her older sister. The only thing we had changed was how we read the scriptures at night. The school did discover her learning glitch and she is now an excellent reader, but I'll never forget listening to her little voice with tears in my eyes as she read the Book of Mormon, for the first time, feeling strong in understanding. I don't think it was a coincidence that it was the Book of Mormon that was the tool for this miracles. I don't think it was a coincidence at all.

I know the scriptures are true worksheet LDS Blog Train 

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